Family time can renew your spirit

Last week my blog focus was on moving and the importance of the fitness trifecta.  Wellness also includes the trifecta of body, mind and spirit and for our health to thrive it is important to have balance in our lives.   In my blog this past June, I mentioned a great article on the Huffington Post site entitled, Five Ways to Nurture Your Spirit (5/31/14) by Debbie Gisonni.  Optimum wellness requires that our body gets healthy food and regular movement, our minds are stimulated and challenged and our spirit is regularly nourished.  However, the spirit is an area that is often neglected.

Intentionally renew your spirit by:

  •  Feeding a hobby or passion
  •  Being still
  •  Taking a vacation
  •  Spending quality time with friends and family
  •  Making someone else happy
 A few weeks ago, I flew back to Peoria IL in order to spend some quality time with my mom.  I also worked on my fitness trifecta by taking a fast walk down to the Peoria riverfront to check out the views and the “Spirit of Peoria”.

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