Happy New Year 2017-Sleigh Ride

To end 2016, I made the suggestion to go have some fun!  Participating in fun activities with family and friends and getting outside in nature was on my agenda.  I certainly had the opportunity to do all of those this past holiday season.  Family and friend time was filled with special celebrations and family travel.

I was able to celebrate a significant birthday with dear friends and their family along with taking my second sleigh ride. What a treat!


Pictured above is Grace with our horse team Tim and Tom at the Eagle Creek Ranch.  It was a beautiful brisk day for a sleigh ride!

The past year has been stressful for many given the state of the world and the bombardment of political news 24/7.  These topics have dominated family and friend gatherings all across the country and the world, often in an unhealthy manner.  I try to make an effort to focus on the positive and what I have control of each day.

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