Healthy snack strategies

What works for some is just eating three meals a day, however many people will have a snack between meals. During the holidays it is even more important to have healthy snacks available because of all of the excessive holiday eating.  My featured photo is Chocolate Puerh tea and almond milk-what a yummy snack!  More snack ideas include:

~nonfat or low-fat yogurt

~individual packets of tuna

~hard boiled eggs

~whole-grain crisp bread


Keri Gans, RD,  in her book “The Small Change Diet” suggests thinking of a healthy snack as a mini meal which includes both protein and carbs. This is her list of  small change snack tips:

#1 Limit a snack to approximately 200 calories maximum.

#2 Turn coffee/tea into a snack by adding a cup of low-fat milk or soy milk.

#3 Do not have a carbohydrate alone (an apple or serving of crackers); you will still be hungry.  Pair a carb with a lean protein or healthy fat (i.e. peanut butter & whole grain crackers).

#4 A carb alone before bed works (i.e. fruit) since it does not need to keep you full if you are going to go to sleep.

#5 Don’t double dip. Instead of string cheese and nuts, choose a high-fiber carb and one lean protein or healthy fat; otherwise your calories (and fat) can add up.

Some of these tips or strategies might just work for you!  Most work for me, however I limit my snacks to right around 100 calories.  What works for you?

2 thoughts on “Healthy snack strategies

  1. I just wanted to thank you, Jan, for the healthy snacks and meals you provided this weekend. I was able to maintain my new weight!


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