Holiday eating advance planning

To get through the holidays while continuing to eat healthy, come up with some basic guidelines as a blueprint to follow to keep you on track.  In “The Small Change Diet”  Keri Gans suggests:

  • Dine out, rather than pig out.
  • Celebrate the event, not the food.
  • Treat”the holidays” as one day, not one month.
  • Take a vacation from work, not from eating smart.


She recommends that you plan before you party and that your strategy begins before the event does:

  • The day of the event, eat normally before you go.
  • Snack before you go (a healthy carb and protein)

and finally

  • Get back on track immediately after the celebration!

Remember to treat the holidays as one day (or two:) and not the entire month of December.  I have recovered nicely after the Maple Ice Cream with Hot Fudge Sauce!

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