Take an Awe Walk

Taking a walk is the best habit to establish as part of a daily exercise routine. However, taking an awe walk also has major health and wellness benefits. The fog sliding over Maury Island was quite a sight on my morning walk.

Here are some tips on where to take a “wonder wander”.  You can walk somewhere new to you or look again at an area you regularly walk with fresh eyes.  Just remember to disconnect digitally in order to intentionally look for and find awe.

For me taking walk in nature is the easiest way to get an awe fix. I recently returned from an awe-inspiring trip to Yellowstone National Park.  Back home I realized how easy it is for me to take an awe walk in nature because of nearby forests, mountains, and water.  The beauty of the Northwest is exactly why we moved here decades ago.

Where to walk in nature:

***In a forest or wooded area

***On a mountain

***At night

***Along a river

***On a coast or beach

The fog resting on Puget Sound over this beach left me awestruck one morning!

(Breath-The Well-Being Special from Time Inc.)


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