Urban Awe Walk

Walking in urban areas may not be as awe-inspiring to me as it is to those who thrive on city living and participating in city life, but I have had my awe moments!  Yes, fourth row seats at Safeco Field to watch the Mariners was pretty awe-inspiring, and they won the game:) Try these options:

***A city streets wander

Flowers next to a gritty sidewalk

***A dense and heavily built-up area

Heading west right outside my door

An urban area I walk through regularly

***In a botanical garden

Seattle Japanese Garden

***At a stadium, arena, or theatre

Twenty One Pilots was one of the best concerts I have ever attended and it was a short walk away in the beautiful Paramount Theatre!

***At a historic building or monument

Walking into the Colosseum in Rome

The Space Needle at night leaves me awestruck.  I am looking forward to seeing the recent remodel!


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