Do you know what anniversary means? It is the annual recurrence of a date marking a notable event, not just a marriage!  Today is July 2nd, the date of my mom’s birth.  This is the second year celebrating this date since she passed away.

Making connections is one of the ways to support health and wellness.  We can intentionally do that by acknowledging important dates such as the birth of a child, a marriage, or how about July 4th which is the celebration of the birth of American independence!

This past Friday I attended the marriage of the son of wonderful family friends. Carl and Amy’s wedding date, June 29th, is also the anniversary of the day I gave birth to my oldest son. What is so very special about weddings is the love shared between the couple who marry, not the venue, food and drink, or accompanying activities that we tend to focus on.  Yes, I know I am “old school”, but to me a wedding is all about the couple!  Congratulations Amy and Carl!

I learned at the wedding that Amy shares my mom’s birthday.  Happy birthday Amy and happy life to you and Carl! Making positive connections helps you stay healthy and well.


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