Monthly Archives: June 2018

Indoor Awe Walks

Let me be very clear that an awe walk inside is not a cardio activity.  However, that does not mean “inside” awe moments are not an important piece to supporting your health and wellness. Here are some places to look for awe indoors: ***Inside a historic building or church Walking the streets of Rome Italy, […]
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Urban Awe Walk

Walking in urban areas may not be as awe-inspiring to me as it is to those who thrive on city living and participating in city life, but I have had my awe moments!  Yes, fourth row seats at Safeco Field to watch the Mariners was pretty awe-inspiring, and they won the game:) Try these options: […]
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Take an Awe Walk

Taking a walk is the best habit to establish as part of a daily exercise routine. However, taking an awe walk also has major health and wellness benefits. The fog sliding over Maury Island was quite a sight on my morning walk. Here are some tips on where to take a “wonder wander”.  You can […]
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Wonder & Wildlife

The last full day in the park we got up early and headed out from Gardiner, back into the park. The Mammoth to Tower-Roosevelt drive was spectacular! We were also focused on safety on bear country hikes!  My sister even got a Yellowstone cap with a bear logo stitched on the front.  I did not […]
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Boiling Geysers and Hot Springs

Although the weather was marginal when we first flew into Bozeman, by the time we got down to Old Faithful we had some blue skies. Our second full day we toured and hiked around the Old Faithful area. We got off the board walks to trek up and see the Solitary Geyser. The average elevation […]
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Yellowstone’s Vistas and Views

I have blogged frequently about the importance of finding your awe, intentionally regaining that sense of wonder you often felt as a child.  Awe is difficult to define, but research shows that the awestruck state of being is good for you, and promotes wellness. Artist Point is one of those views in Yellowstone National Park […]
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There is nothing quite like a sweet Washington cherry. Yes, they are ripe and ready! I picked up these beauties on Vashon Island last weekend. These are sweet Rainier cherries. They were developed in 1952 at Washington State University by Harold Fogle, and named after Mount Rainier. It is a cross between the ‘Bing‘ and ‘Van‘ cultivars. […]
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An Easy Road Bike

My knees were a little sore from some hilly mountain biking, so I decided to do a nice flat road bike. This creek is full and flowing fast!