Play Power

Regular exercise, healthy eating, and strong connections are important for wellness, but fun is also an important piece of the puzzle.  I was busy doing lots of playing last month.  A good friend of mine suggests we celebrate the entire month of our birthday and mine is in June, so I decided to take extra time to play.  Floating down this chilly river with family and friends was so fun, I decided to tube twice in one weekend!

The National Institute for Play contends that play is our entry to vitality.  “Each person has a unique play personality … when one remains in touch with it. … when it is actualized, it empowers and brings pleasure to life.”

Dr Stuart Brown, the founder of The National Institute for Play, says active play builds skilled individuals who have more rewarding social interactions, curiosity, and innovation in their daily lives.  The power of play can transform:

Personal Health-Happier, healthier people use play all their life to become more productive, better parents, and require less health care.

Relationships-Making play an important role in a relationship increases harmony and effectiveness of the relationship.

Education-Current evidence suggests, that play optimizes learning. It is vital to infuse play into curricula and teacher education is vital.

Corporate Innovation-Play-based approaches to managing work teams and projects have proven to dramatically increase the rate of innovation in workgroups; the Institute will expand the base of knowledge for implementing these practices in corporations.

As adults, we sometimes give up play because of our professional and personal responsibilities.  Include play in your life to create balance!

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