Family, Fun, and Food

There are an unlimited number of ways to play.  One of my favorite ways to play is by spending time in the kitchen.  I especially love cooking with family and friends.  It is like a double dose of fun.  My featured photo is a mostly vegan meal I made for some special young women in my life.  It included roasted carrots, spaghetti squash with marinara, and a chickpea, celery, current salad on a bed of spinach. The not so vegan item was green shrimp.

The above June meal was spiraled gold and sweet baked potatoes with an avocado green salad and baked halibut.

These chocolate chip cookies were a birthday gift for my brother Steve.  Our mom loved to bake and so we always had cookies in the cookie jar.

I made a little birthday brunch for my son and the mushroom, bacon, shallot crustless Quiche was perfect with all the ripe, fresh summer fruit, and the caprese salad.

We had a little family fun on the 4th before eating Grace’s perfect replication of Avanti’s Gondola sandwiches!

The homemade bread was just coming out of the oven when I arrived for this little shindig!


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