Strategies that support family connections

I recently read a piece entitled How to Have Fun and Connect With Your Family by Natalia Nachova. It starts with a great quote:

“The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” By Richard Bach

Each family is unique. Some families are small and intimate and others are loud and large. Some families are in sync and members have more in common with each other, while others seem to be trying to understand one another. The best connections often are made through laughter and enjoyment.  Use strategies to support family connections.

Here are 7 suggestions to improve your family’s connections:

  1. Turn off the electronics
  2. Find a common hobby.
  3. Take turns sharing your own hobbies.
  4. Sit down and eat together.
  5. Invest in your romantic relationship with your partner.
  6. Take your family outside.
  7. Share YOUR childhood with your kids.

Just as each family is unique so too are its members. It would be boring if we all had the same personality traits and interests. Sitting down to share a meal is a positive way for families to come together.  My mom continues to cook holiday and family dinners at the age of 91 and my older brother and his wife also have us all over for dinner.  While I was home my brother had us over for his amazing fish with his fresh catch.   After a meal at my mom’s home, once word got out that she had baked her famous homemade cookies, the entire table of family members got up and descended upon the kitchen.



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