Connect with your adult children

As mentioned in How to Have a Great Relationship With Your Adult Children by Allyson Leak, when your children are young, parents focus on having fun, setting boundaries, and supporting their children to assist them in growing into mature adults. Parents cannot tell their adult children what to do anymore, but hopefully your children will continue to ask your opinion or advice on certain issues. Connect with and respect your adult children.

Strategies that support positive relationships with adult children include:

  • Respecting Your Adult Childs Separate Identity
  • Limit The Unsolicited Advice and Listen More
  • Remember To Do Fun Things Together
  • Keep It peaceful Even When You Don’t Agree

When I moved into young adulthood, I never felt my parents attempted to control me or tell me how to live my life. Support and sharing fun activities was always the focus of attention. When I became a parent, my mom would come for a visit and we would go to the zoo and picnic in the park. Now when I fly in to see my mom we visit family, hang out on the front porch glider and then go to the DQ!




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