Get busy outside

Spring household cleaning projects might not sound like your favorite way to “celebrate spring”, but you will be accomplishing both the task and burning some calories as well.  There really is a reason for the name house work or yard work since you will be “working” many different muscles groups. Do some sweeping to build a little muscle mass.

Yard work includes some labor intensive household chores such as mowing, weeding, digging and washing the car.  These projects will burn calories and tone the muscles in your arms and legs:

  • Sweeping-30 minutes will burn 136 calories
  • Digging in your yard-30 minutes will burn about 315 calories
  • Washing the car-30 minutes will burn 143 calories
  • Weeding-30 minutes burns 115 calories

A few weeks ago I swept out all of the winter grit from my garage and it was such a warm, sunny day I decided to sweep the entire driveway!

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