Inside projects

When I was young, my sister Jill and I used to play in the closet under our attic stairs.  We would haul everything out and set up our Barbie dolls in the closet.  I remember on some hot humid days we even had a fan blowing on us to keep us cool.  Clean out a closet.

Tips to up the calorie burn while cleaning:

  • First put on some music to dance to while you dust
  • Step up those stairs and back down twice when you are making a trip up or down
  • Alternate arms when mopping, vacuuming or scrubbing a floor on your hands and knees
  • Do a couple of curls when carrying heavier objects in one hand-alternate arms

One of my recent inside projects was cleaning out a giant cubby-like closet.  It contains boxes of books and other heavy items I needed to lift out, reorganize and place back inside.  I read on one site that you can burn over a hundred calories getting a medium size closet in ship-shape. I am sure this project was an aerobic and strength workout.  I also hung a new shade over the opening to hide my handiwork!


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