Outside projects

This is that time of year when folks want to get outside and complete some yard or garden projects.  For those who tend to go full speed all day long, be wary of taking on too much at one time.  Outside projects have been those where I have injured myself by doing too much bending, lifting, pushing and pulling.  I remember a few projects including building a garden block wall and shoveling and hauling topsoil when by the evening I could barely move!  Pace yourself when doing outside physical projects.

Carefully consider the following:

  1. Type of activity-planting a garden versus building a raised planting bed
  2. Intensity-lifing and stacking light boxes in a garage versus lifting and placing heavy garden blocks
  3. Duration-mowing a small yard versus a few acres

I have a dear friend I plan to visit soon who used to overdo it in her big suburban yard on the weekends.  I hope on my next visit we can overdo it sitting on her deck and taking in her spectacular view of the Cascade mountains and Puget Sound!

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