Feel your center, move your body, laugh it out

In my post today I have included photos of three very special women in my life.  The beautiful smiles of the two young women on my blog page fill up my heart and light up my life!

Here are few final suggestions for ways to tap into the power of your body in Love Your body, Free Your Mind at mindful.com:

  • Feel your center-we can use our “core” for strength and grounding-when you are feeling stressed take your hands and place them on your abdomen and then take a few slow, deep breaths-feel how this action grounds you.
  • Move your body-most us spend too much of the day sitting which encourages our bodies to get stiff-this leads to  tension and stress-move your body to change your posture, opening up your chest and doing gentle twists, or sun salutations so you will become more present.
  • Laugh it out-studies have shown that laughing can help us reduce stress and increase short-tem memory along with protecting us against heart disease-spend time with those who make you laugh and/or doing things that make you laugh-laughter is contagious-intentionally smile throughout the day

In July, I was home to visit this special lady with the sharp and witty smile.  She and I were kept in constant stitches laughing with my wild and crazy younger brother. He has kept our entire family laughing since the day she gave birth to him! The physical and mental high from laughing is undeniable.


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