Stand like superman, revel in daily tasks, nurture your heart

Love Your body, Free Your Mind at also suggests we try to:

  • Stand like superman-social psychologist Amy Cuddy’s research indicates certain postures can actually increase confidence and reduce stress-try standing like Superman-back straight, chest upright, and hands at your waist—then hold for a few minutes.
  • Revel in daily tasks-these tasks become routine activities so we can focus on novel activities-by increasing awareness of simple tasks the mundane comes alive again-when you shower notice how the water feels on your skin, the smell of shampoo, and the sound of the droplets falling-now that is a shower!
  • Nurture a loving heart-use your body to do this by taking one or two hands and placing them on your heart-then think of someone who makes you smile and in your mind wish them well.

I regularly think of friends and family and wish them health and wellness in my mind, but adding the physical movement of putting my hands on my heart at the same time helps me to make a greater connection.

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