Exercise-deficit disorder

The rise of modern surgery and pharmaceuticals in the early 1900’s moved medicine’s focus from the preventing disease to treating and curing disease.  Gyms and fitness studios are more popular than ever, yet fewer people are getting even the minimum recommended amount of exercise. In the US, gym classes have been cut from the curriculum and nearly half of high school students do not have a weekly PE class while at the elementary level only 15% of schools require PE at least three days a week during the school year.  “You have whole generations that are soured on exercise,” says Jack Berryman at the University of Washington School of Medicine.


Researches like Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky want to begin to reverse the trend of exercise-deficit disorder (EDD), reduced levels of regular physical activity.

This is a view from a trail I was biking on last week.  The low-lying fog was just lifting that morning when I spotted a long line of geese riding the ripples in the river.  It was heart-pumping bike on a golden fall day!

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