Exercise explained

Common exercise questions listed in Time magazine’s The New Science of Exercise (Sept 1/Sept. 19, 2016) by Mandy Oaklander:

  • How much exercise?   The World Health Organization WHO, Center for Disease Control CDC, along with Prevention advise adults to get 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity each week along with 2x weekly muscle strengthening.
  • What counts?  Brisk walking, playing with the kids, walking the dog carrying heavy groceries or gardening for 10 minutes at a time, breaking the total up however you wish.
  • What about high-intensity  interval training vs regular exercise?   More research is needed, but it appears that as long as you go hard, interval are just as effective as longer workouts.
  • Can I just do cardio?   If your goal is to live longer and healthier, you should do both since they offer different benefits.  



Pictured above is the Leavenworth Ski Hill Amphitheater stage which is now closed for the season.  On my recent hike, I stopped at the stage and ran a few stairs and did some planks.

I recently read in Woman’s Health magazine Lift Yourself Up (November 2016) that gym visits nose-dive in November, however “You can tone up and get significantly stronger anywhere-in 14 over-before-you-know-it minutes, no equipment …required”.  That’s right just 14 minutes 3 times a week with just your own body weight as resistance!


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