Ice cream and coffee

My mom is a DQ soft serve ice cream lover.  She always gets a small swirl cone.  When in town, we visit the DQ at least one time (sometimes even more than once, since you just cannot find soft serve ice cream quite like the DQ’s:).


She also likes to go out for coffee when I come for a visit.  My brother Lee even made it back to town in time to go to coffee with us.  We have tried out the coffee at most of the small cafes in the area and avoided that large chain from Seattle (she feels SB coffee is too strong:)!

I myself am more of a green tea drinker, but my mom is a coffee queen and really enjoys the experience, so it is always on our list of things to do in Peoria.  A coffee version I think is perfect on a warm day is the classic Italian dessert Affogato.  It is served at the SB Reserve Roastery near my home in Seattle and made with two shots of espresso poured over a scoop of ice cream, resulting in the creaminess of the ice cream in rich espresso.  I feel it is just one of those special treats you have to try at least once!

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