Exercise Benefits

Scientific research shows that a sedentary lifestyle puts one at risk for heart disease, many types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and early death by any cause.  Lack of physical activity worsen’s arthritis symptoms, lower-back pain, and can lead to depression.  We are bad at assessing the benefits–and risks–of our lifestyle choices and yet these choices are the most significant factor in determining our level of health and wellness. The benefits of exercise include:

  • slower aging
  • better mood
  • less chronic pain
  • and the list goes on…

This season is such a beautiful time of year to get outside and move while enjoying the brisk cooler temperatures and fall colors.



The benefits of moving your body are real, measurable and immediate.  Find and participate in those activities that will motivate you to keep  moving everyday until it is part of an improved healthier lifestyle.

My favorite ways of getting the exercise I need everyday are walking, hiking, and biking outside while enjoying nature. Last week I got in 230 minutes of active movement and most of it was outdoors!

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