What is play?

Play can be loosely defined and seems to be unique for each individual.  What might be fun for me, might not be for you. The possibilities for play are endless. I recently got the chance to hang out with some very special friends in the perfect location. Time spent with these ladies is all about fun and laughter which supports my health and wellness.

Dr Stuart Brown, the founder of The National Institute for Play, defines play as:

Apparently purposeless 


Inherently attractive

Outside time

Outside self


Mildly Addictive

We hiked down to the beach to have a fire,  perched out on the deck, and mixed it up in the kitchens! Twenty-four hours with these gals met all of the above criteria and was clearly a great way to play.

Thanks to “Stan the Man” for providing the delish crab on our salad and fueling our fire at the beach. Mary Lee your words said it perfect and I could not agree more, “I love having friends like you and being able to spend time, chatting, laughing, learning and sharing with such beautiful souls…” I value our friendship and how we support each other and bring joy to each others lives.”

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