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Leaving Peoria

Visiting my family is a spiritual boost! See my blog posts next week to find which type of cancer is the leading cause of death among both men and women.

Connect with your adult children

As mentioned in How to Have a Great Relationship With Your Adult Children by Allyson Leak, when your children are young, parents focus on having fun, setting boundaries, and supporting their children to assist them in growing into mature adults. Parents cannot tell their adult children what to do anymore, but hopefully your children will […]
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Strategies that support family connections

I recently read a piece entitled How to Have Fun and Connect With Your Family by Natalia Nachova. It starts with a great quote: “The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life.” By Richard Bach Each family is unique. Some families are […]
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Visit Family

I have been visiting my family back in Peoria Illinois for the past week.  My mom Edie loves Dairy Queen soft serve ice cream so multiple trips to the DQ are so important.  My daughter-in-law also loves ice cream so when she and my son visit their grandma they “Do Dairy Queen”. Have fun with family […]
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Hard to say goodbye:(

Saying goodbye is never easy:(  I had a great visit and I was able see many of my family members over my week-long stay at home. It is important to connect with those we love and nothing can take the place of a visit to see family.  I think I may have brought the gray […]
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Connect with family

Connecting with family is not the same as it used to be since we often live geographically very far apart.  So how can we keep family connections that are so very important for our spiritual well-being?  Some strategies to keep in touch include: Talking-on the telephone, Skype or Face Time Visiting-for that body-to-body contact Emailing-including […]
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Daily stretching prevents injuries

Short, tight muscles can increase a risk of soft tissue injuries. The lying down quadriceps stretch. (stretches from Brad Walker’s stretching tip #5 Be aware of your posture while stretching. Incorrect technique and poor posture can cause muscle imbalances which can lead to injury. Stretching according to Brad Walker

Daily stretching improves posture

Posture is how your body is positioned when sitting, standing and lying down. Poor posture can lead to discomfort and injury. The hipflexor stretch for working on tight hip flexors. (stretches from   Brad Walker’s stretching tip #4 Stretch all major muscles and their opposing muscle groups. Pay attention to all the major muscle groups in […]
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Daily stretching promotes circulation and energy

Stretching, along with cardio and resistance training, can work to increase your body’s blood circulation. Oxygen and nutrients are delivered to your muscles and organs, including your heart, through your blood.   A strong circulation system supports a healthy body. Some daily static hamstring stretches I use are the gentle knee to chest hamstring stretch […]
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Daily stretching protects joints

Stretching lubricates joints and enhances and maintains range-of-motion. The piriformis stretch which is for tight hip flexors. (stretches from   Brad Walker’s stretching tip #2 Breath slowly and easily while stretching. This will help your muscles relax which will make stretching easier. Don’t hold your breath! Stretching according to Brad Walker